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We’re looking for surveyors who have experience platting in Buford, GA, and the surrounding area

Work in Property Line Surveying in Buford, GA

At Floyd & Associates, Inc., we welcome all applications from qualified individuals who are interested in working in the field of property line surveying in Buford, GA. Thanks to the fact that we are a very busy company, we always have openings in surveying and platting. You can easily apply for a professional land surveyor job here on our site. 

If you want a great job providing property line surveying in Buford, GA, contact us

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We make it easy for interested surveyors who want to work with our team to contact us and send in their application documents. You can download either of the forms included here and return them to us by email once they are completely filled out. You can send them to us by using our contact form. Remember to attach your application form along with a copy of your resume. If you prefer, you can send your application to us via regular mail by using the mailing address on our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully welcoming you as the newest member of the Floyd & Associates, Inc. team.

You can download the application form here as a Word document or download it as a PDF.

A Professional Land Surveyor Company

If you’re interested in surveying jobs, we’re here to help. Floyd & Associates, Inc. is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you search for employment opportunities in your field. We’ll work closely with you to determine your strengths and locate a job that best fits your talents. You’re sure to find work as a Buford surveyor when you place your trust in our team of experts.

For more than 20 years, we’ve maintained a reputation for finding candidates and placing employees with the best qualifications. Many developers and construction companies rely on us to find valuable workers for their projects. We’ve also had extensive experience in collaborating with commercial and residential properties, providing personnel wherever they need them most. All work placements are verified, ensuring the land title and all proper regulations are in place.

Rather than stress over looking for property line surveying jobs on your own, apply through Floyd & Associates, Inc. With our resources, we can perform a comprehensive search and find something that fits your specifications. We’re dedicated to your complete success, so you can expect us to go above and beyond to meet your needs. You’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of a broad array of assignments. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

It’s essential to understand the importance of land surveying; the position that you’re applying for will have you learning how to interpret the lines between residential and commercial areas accurately. Customers will be turning to our company to find a land surveyor in Buford, GA, which will grant you the learning opportunities you’ve been looking for.

There are many vital responsibilities that a land surveyor performs for their clients. Creating topographical maps for engineering designs, understanding which areas are well elevated to prevent flooding for establishing building plans. You must know which zones will be designated for commercial development and residencies. Some of the clients you will work with will be in search of a residential property surveyor. The importance of this job lies in knowing the legal boundaries of a property, along with written details of the street address, building locations, and other adjacent properties.

Homeowners, engineers, and business owners alike all require the services of a land surveyor. By applying with our company, you will have many opportunities to practice your career and gain experience. The next time someone wants to find a land surveyor, it could be you.