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Fast. Accurate. Dependable.




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High-Quality, Cost-Effective Services from Our Land Surveyor in Buford, GA

FA is a family-owned company dedicated to providing superior land surveying services. Enjoy working with an experienced, reliable team of professional land surveyors and get a survey that is competitively priced and cost-effective. Our company has a long history of producing excellent surveys, including construction layouts — we specialize in serving the construction industry. Located in Buford, Georgia, we're licensed to work in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Contact us today!

Our Services Include:

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About Us

If you’re wondering, “Where can I find surveyors near me?” your search is over. Our reputation at FA is top-notch. We are known for our construction layout services, and we do great work for residential and commercial clients as well. Those we work with appreciate our great accuracy and ability to do anything and everything in the construction world. We've surveyed for dams, retail sites, schools, subdivisions, warehouses, and more. Whether you have a big job or small project, our land surveyor in Buford, GA, can help.

Through FA, our owner is carrying on a long family tradition. Licensed surveyor Shane Floyd worked for his father's surveying company for more than a decade before starting our company more than 18 years ago.

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Nothing Left to Chance

By its very nature, surveying has to be precise and of the highest quality. A survey must be accurate and free from all errors and omissions so that even years from now it will still provide useful information. When you need a land surveyor in Buford, GA, make sure you hire one with the dedication you will find with the team at FA.

Our team is exacting in every single step of the surveying process. We undertake thorough preparatory research before we put boots to ground to ensure quality work from start to finish.

When you need a property survey let us handle it quickly and accurately. With our adherence to the latest techniques and technology, you are assured of comprehensive results that are concise and informative.

Results you can Use

No matter if you are hiring us for a simple boundary survey for a small lot, or extensive work on a major housing development, we will produce results you can use with confidence. All of our work is incorporated into a property plat map that you can rely upon fully. 

Get the survey work you need to have done undertaken quickly and painstakingly by a crew of professionals with a reputation for skillful and courteous service.

Contact us to learn more about our services or to hire us for surveying work. We proudly serve customers in Buford, GA, and the surrounding 125-mile area.


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